Dr. Andre Fludd

I'm a guitarist, educator, and music professor from the NYC area. I began studying music in 2004, and have since completed a Bachelor's of music, two Master's degrees in music, and a Ph.d. in Ethnomusicology. Throughout this time I have performed with many artists in several genres of music, but my primary passion has always been teaching and learning.

Guitar Instruction

My true passion for music has always been teaching and learning (as a teenager, I remember dragging my guitar and amp on NYC trains after school and thinking to myself “This gig is going to ruin my practice time”). Today, I generally work with students who have learned a few basics, but struggle to put things together, students who lack a sense of direction, and students who have routinely “failed” when studying with other teachers or methods. Some students feel this frustration after 6 months while others have felt it for decades. Either way, anyone can continue to learn at any stage with the right method. I focus on a simple and systematic approach to learning the key information needed for music. This focus remains the same whether we work together in person, online, or via my digital course.  

I do not currently have any private lesson slots. Feel free to send me an email if you would like the join the waitlist. [email protected]

My Idiosyncratic World of Music

I have many different music and career interests that have taken me down a unique path. Here's a brief summary. 


Like many guitarists, I was first interested in rock genres. Soon afterward, I began studying blues and jazz as I developed an interest in improvised music. Today, my style encompasses the above styles with a heavy focus on improvisation. 

Indian music

After a few years of studying American music, I became interested in the music of South Asia. I was first drawn to Bollywood music, but soon after developed a love for Qawwali and then both North and South Indian classical music. I continue to study North and South Indian classical music as a passion separate from my American music interest. 

Academic Career

My passion for improvised music and Indian classical music brought me to the world of Ethnomusicology. In 2016 I completed a Master's degree with research centering on South Indian classical music as performed on the electric guitar. In 2021 I completed a Ph.d. in Ethnomusicology with a dissertation on the history of Indian classical music in the NYC area. I have presented my research at academic conferences and previously taught at Montclair State University. I am currently a post-doc fellow at Macaulay Honors College, CUNY in NYC.